Frequently Asked Questions

ATB in Bloom, 87 Bank street, Alexandria g83 0lz

Way back when I was in college hygiene was drummed into me, so there is absolutely no worry. Each brush will be cleaned and sanitised before use, the cabin will be clean and all touch points sanitised. There is sanitiser situated outside of the cabin for you to use and I have it inside for me to use. This has always been the way I have worked.

There is ample parking in at Aldi and across at Alexandria train station overspill carpark, the salon is situated a few steps from both

I understand sometimes these things happen, however depending on how late you are I might only have time to fit in eyes, or a base. If this is the case the full application price is still payable. Please try and be on time, I plan my days with right time schedules so cannot accommodate lateness.

Makeup will take 30/45 mins. Lash lift approx an hour and brow lamination approx 45 mins. Henna hybrid brows 20/30 mins.

Cash is preferable as I have no card paying facilities in the cabin, if you’d rather pay by bank transfer, this is also fine but I’d ask that it’s paid and out the way 24 hours before your appointment, saves any faffing or hassle on the day

Good question, nope you don’t! I’ll provide everything from primer to lashes. If you do have a preference to any specific brand, or an allergy or sensitivity to anything in particular then please feel to ping me a message and I’ll accommodate as best I can, or advise you bring some bits in. Same goes for lashes, I have hunners, from barely there, natural lashes to the biggest most glam you’ve ever seen, but if you want to bring your own, please feel free.

This is fine, we will have a chat when you sit in my chair and I’ll ask what you want and what you don’t want. Feel free to bring pictures of makeup you like or a picture of what you are wearing, this is all a great help, but at the same time if you don’t know, don’t worry! I’ve been doing this a long time and chances are I’ll have an idea of what you will like!

Over the years I’ve been working in industry I’ve tried loads of different high end and high street brands. Sometimes a high street brand will work better than a high end one. Some of the brands I use frequently are MAC, Milani, Doll Beauty, Tatti, Eldora, Peaches and Cream, Morphe, Urban Decay, RCMA and much more.

If you have a reaction to a product I’m using and I’ve not patch tested you, my insurance won’t cover me. Simple as. I need to patch test every single client for the specific brand I’m using every 6 months. If you’ve had a patch test elsewhere, I still need to do my own.

Absolutely no need. Please arrive with a clean face free of makeup.

While the salon isn’t small, it canny house the young team so please attend your appointment on your own. I need your face to be calm and still so the less distractions, the better! Feel free to ping me a message if you need to chat about bringing someone along.